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As anyone who has been through this knows, there is nothing easy about divorce. It has not been a smooth experience for either of the girls, but they have shown an impressive level of maturity and emotional strength.Our 18 year old is thriving at UNC Chapel Hill as a chemistry major with a significant scholarship because of her success in high school.I have gone back and forth between being fit and overweight my entire life. After the separation, I decided to give myself one year to get back on track both physically and emotionally.I read a tremendous amount of “self-help” material and I started exercising again.I also use store coupons and promotions like Food Lion’s Shop & Earn, Kroger’s digital coupons and off Harris Teeter coupons from redeeming points at I love Savingstar and also use Ibotta and Checkout51 for cash back rebates. The last 2 years have shown me that even when buying higher quality foods, you can still live within a frugal budget and eat very well.I am still adjusting our weekly food budget since my oldest went to college, but we are hovering around per week for the 2 of us. As I already mentioned, with the divorce came the debt.In all honestly, my dad and brothers reassured me that if I needed help, they were there for me.That definitely eased my worries, but that is not a route I have ever wanted to take.

These days, our menu consists of lots of veggies, fruits, high fiber whole grains and quality lean proteins like chicken breast, salmon, shrimp, flounder, tofu, veggie burgers, Greek yogurt and eggs.

I am thrilled to share that in August I paid off the last of the legal bills and credit card debt and I am 2 months away from paying off the last 0 of the hospital bill (which charges no interest, thankfully).